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Booking Overcoming Objections Target Market Only Booking Script you'll ever need Booking Scripts

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Hello whoever is helping me out today!
I would like each document printed in full color, on thin card stock, laminated, and bound with a clear spiral please!
Each document will be double sided in the order listed below.
Feel welcome to email me if you have any additional questions:)
Page 1 :Front Cover (Book it)
page 3: DIQ Weekly Activity
Page 4: What is the booking challenge
Page 5: Monday
Page 6: Tuesday
Page 7: Wednesday
Page 8: Thursday
Page 9: Friday
Page 10: Saturday
Page 11: Sunday
Page 12: Referral script
Page 13: Seasoned consultants
Page 14: New consultants
Page 15: Warm chat
Page 16: Cold leads
Page 17: Bonus
Page 18: Back cover BLANK WHITE PAPER