If you want your business to be strong then the following Pacesetter Program is for you. It is a self-guided 4-week-program designed to boost your business at any stage. Also, it may be used with a power partner or in a group setting.
Please call/email me/your director the moment you begin Week 1, so I/she can support you. It is important to have a support system and we want to be that for you as you begin this journey! Be sure to email me/her after each week with your progress and any questions you may have - 
We can’t wait to celebrate your success!

By fully completing the program, you open yourself up to...
Making More Money
Increase Self-Confidence
Feeling Happy About Your Situation
Motivated to Make This Year the Best One YET!

Program Tools:

log onto to www.marykayintouch.com   >Education Tab > Consultant Education >  The Silver Wings Scholar Program

Listen to SSD Kristiana McElroy Train on your Daily Activity!


You may want to print these out to use this week!
Six Most Important Things Worksheet Bubble Sheet Tracker PACEsetter Assignment Tracker

Weekly Accomplishment Sheet
Weekly Accomplishment Sheet Instructions Weekly Plan/IPA Sheet