Welcome to Mary Kay University!  Whether you are a new consultant or a seasoned consultant,  investing in your education will give you confidence and respect from your peers and customers which will result in more sales!

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You have many options to train yourself!

Mary Kay University
Welcome to your Mary Kay University!

Mary Kay's official online university can help you soar to new heights of success in your Mary Kay business!

To begin your online training, log in to Mary Kay InTouch, click on Education, then click on Silver Wings Scholar Program.

I encourage you to complete one of the training modules below each week. You can go at your own pace and can even come back to a training module should you get interrupted. If you desire, you can advance to the next module as soon as you feel confident.

Mary Kay's online university allows you to set the pace
for your success.

#1. Watch "Start Something Beautiful LIVE!"
#2. Complete the Silver Wings Scholar Program Modules:
New Independent Beauty Consultant
Professional Sales
Financial Management
Team Building with Integrity
Targeted Marketing

*Each of the Silver Wings Scholar Program Modules has multiple sub-modules. Be sure to complete them all before moving to the next level. You can leave and come back to the module if necessary.

Click here to get started with the MK University on InTouch!

Once you have completed each module, it's HOMEWORK time!

On our website & app,  click MK University.  Fill out the forms to tell me which training module you've completed and what you learned! Complete them all & earn a gift from me!


Start Something Beautiful Magazine & DVD
(These came in your starter kit, and are an amazing resource!)

New Consultant Training
(via Phone Tree or Live in Person at your Weekly Success Event)



Creating an "I" story  Color Application Tips Referral Game  MRS CAB Game 
$100 Questions  Money Management Career Path/Recruiting Time Management

How to Fill Out a Weekly Accomplishment Sheet from Jeanie Martin/Mary Kay on Vimeo.


Become an Advanced Color Consultant
(Learn makeup tips from the pros and earn an emblem for your website and business cards.)



Referral Booking:

60 Guests in 6  Minutes Fabulous Referral Game


Audio Training:
Booking like a Beast- MK Senior Sales Director Megan Wilkes

Booking Overcoming Objections Target Market Booking to Build
Bubble Booking Sheet Only Booking Script You'll Ever Need Fun in the Sun Postcard Page 1 Fun in the Sun Postcard Page 2




Summer Party Ideas Overcoming Summer Booking Objections


"At every party I select 2-3 women that I would most like to have as my next hostesses, and today I have selected you! Is there any reason why, when we get together for your follow up appointment, that you couldn’t invite a few friends to join you and earn lots of free Mary Kay products?"


How to Coach a Party Hostess Rewards Graphic Free Lipgloss for a List

Coaching Packet

What goes in a hostess packet?
It can be personalized to your liking, but here's a suggestion:

Hostess Brochure/Flier showing her potential to earn free products
Personal Note from you
Outside Order Form
 Business Card
 Look Book

How to Be a Great Hostess GNO (Girls Night Out) Invites GNO Hostess Flyer GNO MK Bucks
Tips on Being a Great Hostess Coaching Hostess Checklist Booking Gets It, Coaching Keeps It
Coaching for Success Hostess Tracking Outside Order Form Pre-Profiling
Party Organizer Perfect 12 Full Circle Tracking Coach your Party Checklist

Keep yourself Accountable -  Track Your Activity