“The secret to my success is being consistent, keeping my hands to the plow and my eyes on the goal, with God as my business partner."
     The heart of Mary Kay. Independent National Sales Director Lynnea Tate has always found her joy in relationships and people. So, a Mary Kay business was perfect for her. Growing up in an environment of positive, affirming influences - from supportive parents to encouraging coaches - was a huge advantage. Lynnea recalls, “My grandmother told me I could do anything I wanted to.”

     Before starting her Mary Kay business, she was an elementary school teacher and loved it. Lynnea says “Mary Kay found her” when she was expecting her second child and needing some girl time. She was invited to a Mary Kay makeover event and kept going to the events for the fun and support. “I eventually became an Independent Beauty Consultant”, Lynnea says, “because I was looking for a bridge into women’s lives to make a difference. I never dreamed it would come through Mary Kay and a Pink Cadillac. My mom was skeptical at first, but now she says that I’m everything she dreamed for me.”

     Lynnea and her husband, Jonge, along with their four children, son Tabor, and daughters Jordan, Cherith and Moriah, enjoy life together outdoors – whether it’s hiking, bicycling or being on the water. Lynnea finds the support of her husband to be her rock. “He keeps me level-headed and breathes belief into me constantly,” Lynnea says.

     Lynnea believes that being coachable and willing to do what her Sales Director advised was what brought her success in this business. She also believes working the Power Start concept consistently in her business is what built the strong foundation it retains today.

     Lynnea also believes that Independent Senior National Sales Director Dawn Dunn was one of the most influential people in her life. “She showed me how to work the business with balanced priorities of faith, family and career, committing to make my Mary Kay business third - not thirty-third - in my priorities.” Admittedly skeptical of Mary Kay’s business philosophies at first, Lynnea says she became a believer that it was real through Dawn’s and other Mary Kay mentors’ lives and leadership. “Dawn lives out a faith-filled life and she’s such a hard worker who wants to make an eternal difference,” Lynnea says.

     Mary Kay’s recordings and books have taught her the heart of Mary Kay. The Mary Kay quote, “God does not ask your ability or inability – only your availability,” rings true with Lynnea when, looking back, she can see that God really has equipped her every baby step of the way that led to greater growth. Part of the growth was overcoming the need to be a people-pleaser. “I learned that what God has placed on my heart is more important than what others think of me,” Lynnea explains, and says she’s not the person she was ten years ago. She’s a more effective communicator, a stronger leader and a better mom because of the opportunity to grow through working with people, while working on self-growth, too.

     “Like Mary Kay, when I’m gone, my hope is that someone can say I cared. As an Independent National Sales Director, I want to make a difference in the lives of women because I cared about them - by supporting, influencing and equipping.” Lynnea realizes now that being a National Sales Director gives her the opportunity to expand her circle of influence for that very purpose and to that end.


Senior National Sales Director: Dawn Dunn

From: Bedford, VA

Family Info: hubby, Jonge - married 21 years & 4 children - Tabor 16, Jordan 15, Cherith 13 & Moriah 11.

How long in Mary Kay: started in July of 2003 / debuted as a Sales Director 4 short months after signing up!

Occupation prior to Mary Kay: former school teacher, but when MK found me I was a stay at home mom & youth pastor's wife.

Any interesting facts/information about yourself: I loved teaching elementary kids, but couldn't stand being in front of adults. PTF nights scared me to death. Now I love training & teaching adults!

Greatest fear(s) or obstacle(s) when you began: I didn't think I could sell anything & I was worried about what others would think about me!

Number of Cars Won: 8 cars, 7 Cadillacs- She earned her first Cadillac 10 months from signing up as a consultant! AND is now driving the beautiful Pink ESCALADE!!!

Greatest MK Achievements: Being nominated as a Monthly Miss Go Give Nominee for the Sapphire Division! That year I had 3 adoptees step up to directorship & it was such a blessing!

Highest Director's check in one month: over $20,000.

Unit Clubs or Special Honors Given: All of the New Director Programs including
 Dean's List, Sapphire Area Go-Give Nominee,  Achieved Unit Clubs in the Circle of Achievement 10 times - twice in the Half Million & Earned over $1 million in Mary Kay Commissions! Became an NSD within 12 years of joining Mary Kay.

Favorite Award/Prize: Earning a fully expense paid trip to Spain by Mary Kay with my husband & of course the beautiful 3 carat diamond ring!

I enjoy MK most because..... I get to spend time with women doing what I love building relationships, building women and sharing my faith.

A MK "dream come true" for me was: wrapping up NSD in June of 2015 & traveling with my husband across the world on the NSD trips!!!

My 5 year goal & what I'm looking forward to most is: I am excited to debut our first offspring National Sales Director within the next year, and I am beyond excited about traveling the world MK style with my husband.
We’ve traveled to St. John’s, St. Thomas, Portugal, Barcelona, Spain, & Buenos Aires, Argentina thanks to Mary Kay!   More importantly I'm excited to continue to make a difference worldwide through missions, and our building homes in Nicaragua.
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