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Booking Gets It, Coaching Keeps It Coaching Hostess Checklist How to be a Great Hostess
Coaching for Success Hostess Tracking Outside Order Form Tips on Being a Great Hostess
How to Coach a Party Party Organizer Perfect 12 Full Circle Tracking Coach your Party Checklist


Pre-Profiling Scripts

World's Best Pre-Profile Script

Party Prep Questions
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What to Include in a Hostess Packet:
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Party Trays
Botanicals GREEN Clear Proof BLUE Miracle YELLOW Repair PINK
NEW 3D Miracle Set Tray >  Tools for the NEW 3D Set Beauty Experiences

What do I say? 
Facial & Skincare Scripts Creating an "I" Story Facial/Party
MRS CAB Purse Game

Suggested Agendas
1st Appt
Suggested Agendas
Checkup Appt

Beauty Experience Flip Chart
Recruiting Notebook Sharing the Opportunity MRS CAB Foundation Charts
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Updated Career Path


Printouts I May Need for my Class 

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3D Info 3D $100 Question
Fabulous Referral
NSD Kristin Sharpe's Who do You Know Referral Sheet Desert Island
Referral Game
Hostess Coaching
Bubble Sheet
Contact Tracker

You are Gorgeous Set Sheet 5/18 Color Set Sheet Updated Closing Set  Set Closing Sheet with Mask
  Make Your Skin Smile Closing Sheets

Shade Conversion Charts
( Charts)

For 2nd Appointments or New Year, New You - Color Appointment

From New Year's Workshop - 2017

from SD Roseanne Bair Closing Sheet  Closing Sheet with Bonuses

Beauty Experiences  

2018 Makeup Artist, Lori Hogg Charts
Lip Bundles Eye, Cheek, Lip Bundles Contour/Highlight Ivory Contour/Highlight Beige Contour/Highlight Bronze