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90 Day Plan for Consultants wanting to
Do a 21 Day Blitz! Step up to RED! Sherrie Purvis's Recruiting Notebook
Who is a Quality Prospect? Recruiting for Results! New Tracking DIQ/Car 9/2016
Party Your Way to the TOP Get Ready to Move Up Weekly Tracking for those committed to being a Red Jacket 10 Steps to Red
Consultant Skills Line The 4 Ps Track your way TO RED Race to Red
Moving up the Career Path Four - Point Recruiting Plan Grand Achiever CAR Tracking 2018 Grand Achiever CRUZE Tracker 17

Whoo Hoo! Now I'm in Red - What's Next?
What it Means to Wear a Red Jacket Red Jacket Responsibilities
Star Team Builder - DISC
Welcome to my Team Letter

Give yourself a Promotion
Rejection Smection
29 Ways to Earn Your Car
Grand Achiever Tracking
Red Means "Go" 3 Month Action Plan Move to On-Target Car Driver 83 Days To Directorship Commission Comparison between Red Jacket & Director
4 Hour Plan to Directorship Opportunity is Knocking Layering Chart Go Director The Fastest!!!
WHY DIRECTORSHIP All in With 8 Track to the Suit Pg 2 Track to the Suit

Are you committed to moving up?
Work in your strength zone.  
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