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For Recruiting: Suggest:
Good for Feelers - Freedom & Flexibility Stacy James
Educated/ Young/ Single Dacia Wiegandt
Moms & Working Women Amy Kemp
A Golden Opportunity - Magic Happens Gloria Mayfield Banks
A Teacher's Story, Finding Balance Leah Lauchlan
Young Mom, No Sales Experience Kristen Christen
Nurses, Don't Limit Yourself Kim McClure
College Age Potentials Jamie Taylor

**Please preview the video you want to reference to your potential recruit.  You will be better prepared to talk to them after viewing the video yourself.  You are also making sure the option you choose is a good fit for your potential recruit.

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Other Video Links

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Amy's Story - - Financial/Confidence
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Jordan's Story -
 - Family/Relationships
Karime's Story - Freedom/Immigrant
Kali's Story - - Family
Lindsey's Story - Focus/Relationships

Selling - The Heart of the Business, Lynnea Tate
Move Ahead to Red, Dawn Dunn
Recruiting With Ease, Dawn Dunn
Red Ahead for Team Leaders & On Target Car Drivers  Part 1, NSD Pamela Shaw
Red Ahead for Team Leaders & On Target Car Privers Part 2, NSD Pamela Shaw
DIQ to Directorship, Cindy Machado-Flippen


Marketing FlipChart by NSD Jeannie Tamborello

Recruiting Notebook (Sherrie Purvis's favorite)

2018 Recruiting Packet for Hostess Folders
Success Story Reference Sheet Summer Pilot Program  Treasure Card Pictures Why Directorship
TCM 5 Minute Marketing Evaluation Steps To Take With Your New Recruit  The Top Signs You Need To Do Mary Kay!
Why Should I Share
 Sharing the Opportunity Success Stories Ponder Pink Profile Think Pink Survey Letter
But What If I Can't Afford Inventory Pearls of Sharing Guide Marketing and Voice Tree Call Postcard
Mrs CAB Purse Game
Quick Marketing Bi-fold Recruiting Flyer
Treasure Card Sharing 

What's In it for Me 
Layering Card Magic Words To Recruit Goal Setting Earn Starter Kit For FREE
Don't Hold Pennies  $100 Question
Updated Career Path May 18
10 Steps To Your Red Jacket
After the Yes Avenues of Income Candy Marketing Career Path at a Glance
Creating an I Story DISC for Team Builders Goal Setting Worksheet $ 1 Million in her first 10 months 
A Mary Kay Bedtime Story DIQ & Car Tracking 2016 Updated Career Car Flyer Interview Sharing Guide